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Welcome to the UVA Chinese reading program! This program is designed for students who are currently enrolled in Chinese language classes in the Division of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures. The purpose of this reading program is to provide various extracurricular reading materials suitable for students at different levels.  The reading materials are currently divided into two levels: beginning and intermediate. The beginning level is prepared for students who have learned 300-500 characters and the intermediate level is for students who have learned 500-1000 characters.

These pages are best viewed with Internet Explorer v5.0 or higher (with Chinese language support installed).  Chinese software, NJStar Chinese Word Processor, has also been installed on the computers in the language lab so that you can work with the files on these pages with an on-line dictionary. Detailed instructions will be given in your Chinese class regarding how to use this program.  The special features of this program are:

  • Provides pinyin for the unfamiliar characters by using a built-in conversion function
  • Provides meanings of unfamiliar words by using a built-in dictionary
  • Provides annotation for words which may not be found in the built-in dictionary
  • Allows you to enlarge the characters for better viewing
  • Allows you to view characters in either simplified or traditional version
  • Provides audio for each reading material
This program is supported by a Faculty Senate Teaching Initiative Grant and the East Asia Center of the University of Virginia. This program is still under development. Please email with any comments or suggestions. Have fun reading!