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Lienu zhuan (Volume 3)

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[Fifth Scroll] Fifth Scroll: The Principled and Righteous
Leaf 1a Leaf 1b Leaf 2a Leaf 2b Leaf 3a Leaf 3b
Leaf 4a Leaf 4b Leaf 5a Leaf 5b Leaf 6a Leaf 6b
Leaf 7a Leaf 7b Leaf 8a Leaf 8b Leaf 9a Leaf 9b
Leaf 10a Leaf 10b Leaf 11a Leaf 11b Leaf 12a Leaf 12b
Leaf 13a Leaf 13b Leaf 14a Leaf 14b Leaf 15a Leaf 15b
Leaf 16a Leaf 16b
[Sixth Scroll] Sixth Scroll: The Accomplished Speakers
Leaf 17a Leaf 17b Leaf 18a Leaf 18b Leaf 19a Leaf 19b
Leaf 20a Leaf 20b Leaf 21a Leaf 21b Leaf 22a Leaf 22b
Leaf 23a Leaf 23b Leaf 24a Leaf 24b Leaf 25a Leaf 25b
Leaf 26a Leaf 26b Leaf 27a Leaf 27b Leaf 28a Leaf 28b
Leaf 29a Leaf 29b Leaf 30a Leaf 30b Leaf 31a Leaf 31b
Leaf 32a Leaf 32b Leaf 33a Leaf 33b Leaf 34a Leaf 34b