We are pleased to announce the Chinese Text Initiative, an effort to make texts of Chinese literature available on the World Wide Web. These sites are still very much under construction and we have not yet finished final copy-editing. Nevertheless we hope that even at this stage these sites will be useful.We appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please email to us at Electronic Text Center Mail Box or Ming Lung.The texts and images in the Chinese Text Initiative may be downloaded or copied only with permission from the Electronic Text Center. For general conditions of use of the e-texts, see the statement of conditions.
We use Big5 encoding for Chinese texts at our sites. 

300 Tang PoemsGu Yao Yan Shi Jing,
Hong Lou Meng, Yu Xuan Ji.
Following two sites were conceived by Anne Kinney in collaboration with Chinese Text Initiative :  Lienü zhuan and Chinese Literature in Translation.
How to Read Chinese on the Internet

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