Chinese Literature in Translation
This site was created to supplement courses in Chinese literature in translation at the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures . It is funded in part by the East Asia Center of the University of Virginia.
Only the Chinese text is supplied, except in the case of poems, which also include pinyin. Each chapter and the order of its contents are arranged in the same sequence as in the textbook selected for reading. These pages are still under constructions as we continue to supply missing characters and correct errors .
We have prepared two types of files. The HTML files are to be viewed with WEB browsers and a link to Chinese on-line dictionaries is provided. The Big5 files are created to be used with NJStar Chinese WP so that students can make use of the built-in dictionary in this software which has been installed on all terminals in the language lab in Cabell Hall. If you choose to use Big5 files, please use Microsoft Explorer and select "open" file .


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