We would like to thank Professor David Young, Lognman Professor of English and Creative Writing, and Mr. Jian I. Lin, East Asian Specialist-Librarian of the Oberlin College for granting us permission to use their English translations of all forty nine poems by Yu Xuanji.  We are also pleased to have permission to present to our readers, on the World Wild Web, introduction of Yu Xuanji by Professor Young. The original translations and introduction were published in The Clouds Float North : the Complete Poems of Yu Xuanji  (bilingual edition), Wesleyan University Press, Published by University Press of New England, 1998.

The Chinese text was input, edited, proofread and tagged by I-hsun Huang. Preparation of web page was done by Yu-Ling Lin. Preparation of header and further checking was done by Christine Ruotolo of the Electronic Center.

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