Editorial Notes

The Chinese text of Yu's poetry on this website is based on the Quan Tang Shi ( Complete Poems of Tang Dynasty) published by the Beijing Zhong Hua Shu Ju, 1960. The Beijing Zhong Hua edition is a reprint of the 1707 Yangzhou woodblock print edition. Textual variants are indicated with "yi zuo" in the Quan Tang Shi. Rather than printing "yi zuo" repeatedly we have numbered the variants and placed them as footnotes at the end of each poem. We have also numbered all poems to reflect their sequence in the Quan Tang Shi.

*** Quan Tang Shi is an anthology of more than 45,000 poems from 2,200 poets of the Tang(618-907) and Five Dynasty (907-979).  The anthology was compiled during the Kangxi era of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911).

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