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ؿ / Table of Contents

Ĥ@U(@,G)/ Volume 1( Scroll 1-2)
@ : / Scroll 1: Matronly Models

1. G m Yu's Two Wives
2. Jiang Yuan
3. ² f Jian Di
4. s Tu Shan
5. m You Shen
6. P T Mothers of Zhou
7. h w Ding Jiang of Wei
8. k Governess of Qi Lady
9. | u q Ji of Lu
10. l o Mother of Zifa
11. Q s a Mother of Mengzi
12. | v Mother-Teacher of Lu
13. Q ~ O Mother of Wei
14. ^ Mother of Tian Jizi

G : / Scroll 2: The Worthy and Enlightened

1. P Z Queen Jiang of King Xuan of the Zhou
2. V Ji of Wei, Wife of Duke Huan of Qi
3. Qi Jiang, Wife of Duke Wen of Qi
4. p V Ji, Wife of Duke Mu of Qin
5. V Ji, Wife of King Zhuang of Chu
6. P n d Wife of Zhounan Official
7. j k v Wife of Bao of Song
8. I d Wife of Zhao Shuai of Jin
9. ӯ l d Wife of Da Zi of Tao
10. h U f d Wife of Liu Xiahui
11. | r d Wife of Qian Lou of Lu
12. s d Wife of Charioteer of Qi
13. d Wife of Jie Yu of Chu
14. d Wife of Lao Lai of Chun
15. d Wife of Yu Ling of Chu

ĤGU(T,|)/Volume 2(Scroll 3-4)
T : / Scroll 3: The Benevolent and Wise

1. K d Duke Kang of Mi
2. Z H Queen Man of King Wu of Chu
3. \ p H Wife of Duke Mu of Xu
4. d Wife of Xi Fuji of Cao
5. ] Mother of Sun Shu'ao
6. B v d Wife of Bo Zong of Jin
7. F H Wife of Duke Ling of Wei
8. F l Zhong Zi Wife of Duke Ling of Qi
9. | N ] Mother of Zang sun of Lu
10. V Shuji, Wife of Yang Shezi of Jin
11. S Mother of Fan Family of Jin
12. | q Elder Sister of Gongcheng of Lu
13. | k Woman of Qi Shi, Lu
14. Q U t The Old Woman of Wei
15. N A Mother of General Gua of Zhao

| : s / Scroll 4: The Chaste and Obedient

1. l n k Daughter of Shaonan
2. B V Boji of Gong of Song
3. H Wife of Wei
4. H d Wife of the Man from Cai
5. H Wife of Duke Zhuang of Li
6. s V Meng Ji of Duke Xiao of Qi
7. g H Wife of Lord of Xi
8. d Wife of Qi Liang of Qi
9. B Boying of King Ping of Chu
10. L s Chaste Jiang of King Zhao of Chu
11. s V Chaste Ji of Duke Bai of Chu
12. v G Two Obedient Women of the Wei Clan
13. | Widow Tao Ying of Lu
14. The Exalted conduct of the Widow of Liang
15. "Filial Wife" of Chen

ĤTU(,)/ Volume 3(Scroll 5-6)
: ` q / Scroll 5: The Principled and Righteous

1. | q O "Righteous Nurse" of Duke Xiao of Lu
2. G Zheng Mou, Wife of King Cheng of Chu
3. h Hui Ying, Wife of Yu of Jin
4. L V V Yu Ji, Wife of King Zhao of Chu
5. \ N d Wife of General of Gai
6. | q h n The "Righteous Aunt" of Lu
7. N H Lady Zhao, Wife of King Dai
8. q ~ "Righteous Stepmother" of Qi
9. | Chaste Wife of Qiu Huzi of Lu
10. P D c Loyal Servant of Minister Zhu of Zhou
11. Q ` Principled Nurse of Wei
12. ` h n Principled Aunt of Liang
13. ] V G q Two Righteous Women from Zhu Yai
14. X Loving Younger Sister of Hoyang
15. v ` k Principled Woman of the Capital

: G q / Scroll 6: The Accomplished Speakers

1. c Jing, Concubine of Guan Zhong
2. A Mother of Jiangyi of Chu
3. } u d Wife of Bow-Maker of Jin
4. i k Daughter of the Man from Qi who Injured the Locust Tree
5. G k Discriminating Women of the Chu Countryside
6. B k The Maiden of Agu
7. z k S Juan, Woman of the Ferry
8. ͮ Mother of Bi Xi, and Officer of Zhao
9. V Yu, Concubine of King Wei of Qi
10. K Zhongli Chun of Qi
11. J F k "Su of Goitre" of Qi
12. t v k Outcast Orphan of Qi
13. B Niece of Zhuang
14. k } ^ Xu Wu, a Woman of Qi
15. k Daughter of the Chief of the Treasury of Qi

ĥ|U(C,K)/ Volume 4(Scroll 7-8)
C : ^ X / Scroll 7: Depraved Favorites

1. L Moxi, Concubine of King Jie of the Xia Dynasty
2. H v Daji, Concubine of King Zhou of the Yin Dynasty
3. P q Baosi, Concubine of King You of the Zhou Dynasty
4. Jiang, Wife of King Xuan of Wei
5. | Wen Jiang, Wife of duke Huan of Lu
6. | s Ai Jiang, Wife of Duke Zhuang of Lu
7. m z V Li Ji, Wife of Duke Xian of Jin
8. | [ Mu Jiang, Wife of Duke Xuan of Lu
9. k L V Xia Ji, A Woman of Chen
10. F n V Sheng Ji, Wife of Duke Ling of Qi
11. F Dong Guojiang of Qi
12. G k Two Reckless Women of Wei
13. F d k Wu Mengyao, Queen of King Ling of Zhao
14. Z Li, Queen of King kao of Chu
15. Z The Singing-Girl of King Dao of Zhao

K : s Z C k /Scroll 8: Supplemental Biographies

1 P H Woman of the Suburbs of Zhou
2 G k The Woman Orator from the State of Chen
3 ¿ F n The Elder Sister of Nie Zheng
4 ] Mother of Wangsun Family
5 The Mother of Chen Ying
6 The Mother of Wang Ling
7 i The Mother of Zhang Tang
8 m The Mother of Jian Buyi
9 H The Wife of Yang of the Han Dynasty
10 N H The Wife of Huo of the Han Dynasty
11 Y ~ The Mother of Yan Yannian
12 ~ L Feng, Brilliant Companion of the Han Dynasty
13 d k Wife and Daughter of Wang Zhang
14 Z Ban, Favorite Beauty
15 P n X Zhao Feiyan of the Han Dynasty
16 ~ Z Empress Wang, Consort of the Emperor Ping
17 l H Consort of the Gengshi Emperor
18 E d The Wife of Liang Hong
19 w Z Virtuous empress Ma, Consort of Emperor Ming
20 H n Lady Liang, The Tranquil

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